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RMGS Software Services

Your Trusted Business Partner

Excelling Software Expertise!

Proactive Teams

Prompt communication, meticulous reporting and pro-activity. Together with being a multi-lingual and flexible to meet all time-zone differences.

Talented Software Engineers

At RMGS software innovators are our targeted hires, this happens throughout a very selective recruitment process. Passionate , innovative, cutting edgers, and tech-re solvent people are selected through interviews and technical tests.

Dedicated Resources

Through RMGS you get access to fully dedicated and committed professionals who believe that confidentiality and integrity are the core values of any business.



RMGS is an international software services organization servicing top software product companies in North America, headquartered in Cairo, Egypt with a global office in Dubai, UAE. In addition to, partners in Montreal, Canada. Our highly talented and innovative team helps their partners to execute every aspect of their business professionally. Over 9 years of experience offering innovative software development and unique software services.

Our services include:

  • Software Development
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Business Intelligence
  • Application Technical Support
  • IT Consulting
  • Partner Software product launch in the Middle East


RMGS Typical Outsourcing Company In-house
Time to acquire talented resources 0 to 4 weeks 1 to 2 months 1 to 4 months
Recruitment fees Zero Zero 10K to 40K
Quality guarantee Yes No No
Termination cost None None Very High
Failure rate Very Low High Low
Screened resources Yes Yes No
Risk-free hire Yes No No
Complete resource control Yes No Yes
Turnover rate 5% 26% to 30% 20% to 30%

Cost Effective

Only at RMGS, you can hire some of the most talented innovators! While cutting the cost by 60%. With the best global rates, straight forward-pricing and no hidden fees. It wasn’t surprising that some of our customers outsource over 40% of their products’ development, quality analysis and maintenance functions to RMGS.

Amazing Teammates

Talented innovators, hard workers, with highly ethical values, positive attitude and fluent speakers at a tiny feasible time-zone difference, or you may make a request to work in your exact time zone. By that, you have just found a bunch of amazing teammates not just brilliant innovators.

RMGS is located in Egypt where all time zones meet

+6 hrs from EST (USA & Canada), 0 hrs E. Europe

Egypt is where Europe meets Africa and Asia.
An ideal location where a beneficial time zone, with Paris just an hour behind, and New Delhi only three hours and a half ahead, meets a modern progressive culture with a distinctly Mediterranean flavor.

RMGS is headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, with a Modern office in the middle of Cairo by the Nile that have strong IT infrastructure hybrid Cloud, latest HP technology. High speed internet connection and Toll Free local number (US and CA). In addition to video conferencing and huddle rooms. To work and execute our daily tasks professionally matching the global quality of service.

A Fast, Simple and Risk-free Hiring.

Software Excelling is Our Mission !


Gather the skill-sets you need and let us help you with it.

2. Pick :

Pick the top-talented and professional resources that match your needs.

3. Engage:

Hire with a 100% riskfree procedure.

4. Extend Your Team :

They are now a part of your team.

Dedicated innovators, not freelancers.

RMGS is an international software services company not a market place for freelancers.

Since freelancers work simultaneously with several customers, the level of control and collaboration with them are limited, they work from home with no supervision or accountability. Freelancers are considered as perfect for short-term projects only apart from ongoing valuable daily projects. RMGS innovators will work directly and exclusively for you with a close physical supervision.

Ramp up in a wink of an eye

Our innovators are experienced in a variety of tools, they are capable of adapting to any tools you use, in no time. Our Technical Leads will mentor our innovators, to help them adapt faster.

Excellent Communication

Prompt communication and meticulous reporting. Multi-lingual and flexible to work with all time-zone differences

Reliability and Scalability

Scale your team up or down in a few weeks, no obligations.

Talented Software Teams

At RMGS we are not just offering a generic software development and quality analysis services with no innovation and nothing but a myth of rate saving. Although we have a very competitive commercial offer (some of the best global rates), RMGS’s value proposition lies in the INNOVATION .

RMGS teams, adds to your software projects knowledge and expertise, in addition to, resolving any technical issues you may face. Our team is an extension of your in-house teams with 24/7 support.

Being efficient communicators in daily/weekly meetings cooperation leading to accessing the utmost perfection of your software projects.