Software Testing and QA

Software Quality Assurance

Quality is the core of our services, it starts from developing a functional specification checklist up till managing the testing services that matches the global standards of testing initiatives.

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End to End Testing

Complete validation of an entire function or component of the solution with an accurately based testing process that focuses on reporting.

System Integration Testing

Product functionality performance testing in an integrated environment through rigorous module testing and interaction with external systems.

Regression Testing

Correction of product defects for each new release and ensuring that no new quality problems are introduced.

Functionality Testing

Feature mapping with that mentioned in the requirements, starting from validating the feature with the testing requirements to usability and compatibility with the requirements.

User Acceptance Testing

Ensure that the product meets end-user functional requirements, making sure it can handle the required tasks in a real-world scenario.

Testing Automation

Simplify as much of the testing effort as possible, with a minimum set of scripts; by building software tools, execute pre-scripted tests on your solutions.

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