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  • Managed self-Service business intelligence
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Credibility :

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of consulting services and workshops leveraging RMGS’s vast experience in reporting and business Intelligence solutions, enabling you to make better business decisions across a single or multiple business applications.

RMGS Business Intelligence Offers :

  • Data validation and transformation with high-performance integration tools that help keep information up to-date.
  • Data warehousing with enterprise-grade scalability that yields predictable results for end-users and has simplified manageability.
  • Proactive caching that automatically updates new and relevant information.
  • Predictive analytical capabilities using integrated data mining models.
  • Failover capabilities that maximize uptime for mission-critical applications.
  • Reduced query time for high-performance.

Accuracy :

RMGS BI can help everyone across your organization create well-polished reports to be shared with executives, customers, and partners; interactive analysis for both financial and business analysts; and operational reports to meet day-to-day requirements.

We enable you :

  • Deliver relevant information through ad hoc reporting capabilities.
  • Distribute reports and analysis across the organization using the Web.
  • Easily navigate and select data from the underlying data source using familiar business terms.
  • Gain deeper business insights by using advanced analysis, visualization capabilities, and personalized reports.
  • Understand real-time business trends by maintaining a live connection to virtually any data source during analysis.

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