Build Your Own Software Outsourcing team Vs project based

30 Mar 2017

The word “Outsourcing” doesn’t always mean compromising or risking to have a low quality service. It all depends on your choice, forecasting and then deciding that hiring a professional and educated resource isn’t always expensive as you always thought.

Staff Augmentation is the best choice when it comes to outsourcing your software and IT departments. It assures that you choose a professional software house to do the job , guarantee ramping up and down to meet your changes on demand.

Hire a dedicated team: Software outsourcing is not working with freelancers, you can easily create your requirements and find your best candidate and dedicated team through a selective hiring process
Control over staff : Monitoring your team doesn’t always mean that they have to be working closely, this can be easily be done by SLAs and reporting to your internal managers ensuring high quality of services delivery
Integrating with internal process: Your new hires will be easily adapting to your internal policies and process as they are fully dedicated to your organization.
Power your existing resources : new spirit always add new skills and ensures the full power of daily dedication and delivery
Resource expertise : Adding new talents fills your team skills gap ensuring full exchange of experience and higher learning curves
Meet aggressive project timelines: Staff augmentation is the typical best choice for full team power and delivery, as it ensures 24/7 support and availability leading to highest standards of projects delivery
Ease of adoption : It is easier to adopt staff augmentation other than projects outsourcing it’s a small shift in comparison with working on simultaneous projects

Usually staff augmentation software houses offers project based outsourcing too, as it’s a part of the services. The project outsourcing approach allows companies the benefits of external expertise, cost management and risk free service so they can concentrate existing resources on their core operations
Reduce training cost : skill development and training are handled by the outsourcing agency
Project management : usually the project management over head is handled by the outsourcing agency
However, if we compare choosing to outsource resources or projects. Resource based model is the best for ensuring high quality of service as project based model lacks:
– Control : you agree on a project requirements and the offshore software house works over it from A-Z after your approval on the earlier submitted proposal
– Dedication : normally resources who works for other clients will work on the project as a part time
– Integration with internal resources: cooperation with internal processes may be more difficult under a project based model

Choosing Software Outsourcing House:
When it comes to the best choice, pick a software outsourcing agency who delivers both models staff augmentation and project based software outsourcing. This allows you to get the best of both worlds under the umbrella of a trusted partner not a freelancer.



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